Case Types

Case Types

Case Types

Sexual assault, rape, homicide, murder, capital murder, property crime, cold cases, post conviction

  • Sexual Assault / Rape
  • Homicide / Murder
  • Capital Murder
  • Property Crime
  • Cold Cases
  • Post-Conviction
  • Robbery / Burglary


Case Types

Case Types

Military court martial, county court, state court, federal court, international court, civil court

  • County
  • State
  • Federal
  • Military
  • International
  • Civil

Case File and Document Reviews


A complete and thorough review of the case file, laboratory notes, electronic data and any statistical calculations is crucial to verifying the results and conclusions in any case. These documents will identify all of the protocols and procedures used in the testing of the evidence. These can then be compared to the laboratory’s standard operating procedures to verify that the lab is following its own protocols as well as accepted and recommended national guidelines. 

Additionally, any errors, discrepancies, or contamination events will be identified in the case file, the quality assurance documentation, and any non-conformance or contamination documentation from the lab. The chain of custody and evidence collection methods will also be reviewed. This will ensure that the evidence was collected and stored properly. Finally, looking at what evidence was tested and what was not tested can be important based on the case scenario.

After reviewing all of this information, Quartaro Forensics will meet with you to ensure that you understand the results of the DNA testing and the implications to your case.  This includes making sure you are prepared to question the opposing DNA expert using the appropriate terminology.   

Trial Consulting


Having a qualified expert in the courtroom to observe testimony and to consult with during trial can be vital to the case.  With proven expertise in hundreds of trials, Quartaro Forensics can be that expert.  From pre-trial interviews and depositions all of the way through closing argument, we can lend our extensive expertise to your team. 

Expert Witness Testimony


With testimony in over 80 cases in 18 states, territories and countries, Quartaro Forensics can provide expert testimony on a variety of issues in your case.  Whether it is case specific facts or educational testimony, we will work together to present relevant, unbiased and scientifically accurate testimony for your case.

Observation of Testing


In many cases, there may be a limited amount of DNA evidence available for testing. Often, the best course of action is to consume the entire sample to obtain the optimal results.  In this situation, Quartaro Forensics can be present to observe each of the DNA testing procedures to verify that all procedures and techniques were appropriate and that no errors occurred during the testing.  



Quartaro Forensics gives presentations on a variety of topics related to DNA testing to groups of all sizes for training purposes, including:

  • Prosecutors
  • Defense Attorneys
  • Crime Scene Investigators
  • Police Officers
  • Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners
  • Cold Case Investigators

Please contact Quartaro Forensics for your specific training needs.