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Quartaro Forensics is a proven DNA consulting firm, led by an experienced DNA analyst with almost 20 years of experience in the industry. Quartaro Forensics is dedicated to being the best DNA expert for all of your DNA consulting needs including case review, trial preparation/consulting and expert witness testimony.  

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Case Reviews

Review all forensic DNA testing related documentation to ensure that the correct conclusions were drawn from the data obtained using validated and accepted methodology performed on the appropriate evidence. 

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Trial Consulting

 Act as the on-site forensic DNA expert on your team who can assist you in preparation of your case with the focus on the forensic evidence and witnesses. 

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Expert Witness

Provide forensic DNA expert testimony or subject matter expertise to local, county, state, federal or military courts. 

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Testing Observation

In person observation of DNA testing to ensure that the proper methodology and laboratory practices are used to obtain the optimal results for cases with a limited amount of sample available for testing. 

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Presentations to groups of all sizes on everything from evidence collection and handling to DNA testing, analysis, and interpretation.